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Here at Five Elements Living, we embrace a life well designed. Guiding you to incorporate intentional living practices that enhance awareness, deepen relationships, and cultivate self knowledge.

Located in the foothills of the Adirondacks, take a journey back to your own wisdom with wellness treatments that look at the root cause of disease and help to strengthen resiliency. Acupuncture, Massage, and Reiki anchor this minimalistic salon and boutique hotel. Attend one of our women-centered functional medicine classes, connect with our stylists to relax in the petite salon, and indulge in our house-made apothecary chocolates.

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Self-Healing Auto-Immunity

OCTOBER 18TH | 5:30-7:30PM | $65

Workshop Description, Lecture and Q&A

  • Root causes of AI to support you working cooperatively with your primary care
  • Gut health and how it contributes to auto-immunity
  • What creates gut health, maintains it, and steps to heal when it’s distressed
  • What contributes to food sensitivities and immune system overload
  • Dietary habits to heal the gut, decrease inflammation, & contribute to self-healing

Sacred Circle Weight & Health Balancing Workshop

NOVEMBER 1ST | 5:00-8:00PM | $80

What this workshop IS:
• A journey of new beginnings to invite you to invest in your long-term self-healing
• An immersion into Body-Mind-Spirit release for healing and body weight & health rebalancing
• Body = physical health / mind = emotional, mental, intellectual health / spirit = energybody health (think aura, chakras, nadis / meridians, etc. If these are foreign words to you, not a problem!)

Menopausal Health For Vitality

NOVEMBER 8TH | 5:30-7:30PM | $65

Workshop Description, Lecture and Q&A on self-care tools to navigate peri-menopause and menopausal years with ease, health, and vitality

  • Hormonal Health & Herbs to support
  • Whole food nourishment for a healthy weight, balanced hormones, & supporting
    your whole body’s menopausal health
  • Mood & energy concerns
  • Maintaining healthy muscles and bones in our vibrant years

Five Elements Living TV

Five Elements Living TV features Shelby Connelly interviewing wise women, healing spaces, holistic practitioners, and unique experiences that highlight relaxation and renewal.

Made In Northern New York Featurette

View our featurette that aired on ABC50 as part of their “Made In Northern New York” segment with host Alex Hazard.