Organic Hair Salon

Why organic hair care? Plain and simple, your skin will absorb what you put on it, whether it’s toxic endocrine disruptors, harmful chemicals, or artificial estrogens. Traditional color treatments mess with your hormones, they can actually take a toll on your skin and scalp.

Five Elements Living Salon uses products that are free from sodium lauryl sulfates, parabens, formaldehyde & hydroquinone.

About Paule Coryea

Paule Coryea is our Organic Color Specialist. After receiving her training from the Michael’s School of Hair Design in Manchester, New Hampshire, Paule opened her primary salon in Malone, New York. After years of working in the industry and attending International Beauty Shows in Las Vegas, Boston, Orlando, and New York City she realized that beauty is more than skin deep. While forming relationships with her clients she began to question the effects the  chemicals had on their health and wellness.

After doing her own research, Paule found that the industry was making room for less chemicals, getting away from synthetic fragrances, and were becoming aware of the impact beauty products had on the environment. Now, not only could she make a difference in her clients skin and hair, but that these products worked better, and her own health wouldn’t be jeopardized.

Paule Coryea

Color Specialist
Organic Hair Salon

Services Offered

Shampoo Blowout & Style

  • Women's Short Hair
  • Women's Long Hair

Shampoo, Cut, Blowout & Style

  • Men
  • Beard Mustache Trim
  • Women Short Hair
  • Women Long Hair
  • Children Under 10 Years

Organic Color

  • Short Hair
  • Long Hair
  • Keratin Smoothing Treatment
    Starting at $350

Organic Highlights

  • One Color
  • Multiple
    Per Color
  • Partial Foil One Color

Deep Conditioning With EVOLh Mask

  • Short Hair
  • Long Hair

Organic Permanents

  • Short Hair
  • Long Hair
  • Olaplex Treatment
    With shampoo & blowout
  • Olaplex Treatment
    With color
  • Olaplex Treatment
    Upcharge $40
    Added to color. Simple treatment is $50. Olaplex is a reconstructive product for chemically challenged hair.

Featuring Products By

Adirondack Fragrance & Flavor Farm
NATULIQUE Certified Organic Beauty
evolvh Luxury Natural Healthcare System

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